View Full Version : Aircraft gang signs ?

14th Oct 2018, 07:07
Caption contest? And bonus contest, identify the aircraft.
(and this is for real on an active aircraft)


(Sorry if this is too aviation for JB, not sure where (if anywhere!) is most appropriate)

14th Oct 2018, 16:03
We could go a long way with photo-shoping nose art from the 40's on these photos

15th Oct 2018, 12:45
Ingenious solution for an aircraft that arrives without its pitot covers in the stowage. I do hope they made the necessary Tech Log Entry about pitot probe covers being installed.

I once "saw-in" a B737 with a rag hanging out of the DV window. The First Officer was aware of a noise in flight but was shocked when I asked him to open the window and see what was there.

P.S. I wonder what they used for the ground locks?

Mostly Harmless
15th Oct 2018, 21:39
When expecting guests, it is very important your pitot covers are creative and fun in their presentation.