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11th Oct 2018, 09:34
Latest flight to the ISS had an airborne abort at some stage during ascent. Capsule performed a ballistic recovery and landed safely. Astronauts both reported as safe and well and in contact with rescue teams en-route.

Be interesting to to find out what happened. Sounds like a wild ride.

11th Oct 2018, 09:38

Is that the first time a crewed launch has been aborted during the ascent?

11th Oct 2018, 10:11
Latest sound clip has the main stage core shutdown at about 2:45 into flight, which is about 30 seconds after the strap-on boosters separate and just as the launch shroud separates - and about 2 minutes before it should.

11th Oct 2018, 10:59
I seem to remember a quote from "The Right Stuff" along the lines of...

"Ours always blow up".

11th Oct 2018, 11:04
One abort of a manned Soyuz in how many successful launches? Above average reliability from a launch to orbit system. Are current Soyuz vehicles 'new manufacture', do they use stockpiled components, who runs their QA system. If my fragile pink body was going for a ride, that's the sort of questions I hope would have answers available to reassure me of the current odds.

11th Oct 2018, 11:21
I would agree with you Fitter if its wasn't for the yet to be disclosed about hole in the last service capsule. That then this issue straight afterwards has a bit of a smell about it.

11th Oct 2018, 12:25
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It’s the third Soyuz launch abort, 100% success rate so far.

it might be multi upgraded 50 year old system but it does what it says on the tin and still works darned well...and at least it does have a launch escape system..:sad: