View Full Version : Hotel convenient for Melbourne (MEL)

1st Oct 2018, 10:21
Hello, I would welcome some advice where to stay. Arrive by ship to Station pier, depart next morning 11am
by air to Auckland. Anyone know of a hotel convenient for the airport, with something to do/look at, eat, drink ?
I will have too much baggage for any walking. Thanks for any advice, John

1st Oct 2018, 12:56
There's nothing much to see out near the airport.
There is a tram service from Station Pier into the CBD.

2nd Oct 2018, 05:46
Agreed, there's nothing interesting to see near the airport, there are three chain hotels there - Park Royal / Holiday Inn / Ibis.

If you choose to travel by public transport (tram + airport bus) from Station Pier, you will need to travel through Melbourne city, so consider staying overnight at a hotel in the city - there are plenty to choose from. There is plenty to see and do in the city if you've never visited before and a multitude of places to eat and drink. If you are planning to take the airport bus, pick a hotel near Southern Cross Station, which is the main bus terminus and will also be near the tram line from Station Pier. If you are travelling by taxi/Uber/etc the hotel location doesn't matter so much.

Allow plenty of time to get to the airport for an 11 am flight. To arrive at the airport for check in at 8:30-9:00am you will be travelling at peak travel times from the city.

4th Oct 2018, 00:28
I think the ' too much baggage for walking ' rules out the tram from Station Pier to the CBD ( and the Skybus to the airport ).

I'd get an Uber from Station Pier to the city because cabs can be hard to come by in that area. There are many hotels in the city. I quite like the 'Quest Apartments' chain. They are usually reasonably priced and nice to stay in. A cab to the airport can be booked by the hotel. It will cost approx. AUD$70.00. I don't know what an Uber to the airport would cost.

Enjoy your trip !