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29th Sep 2018, 19:55
... does anyone know what a FI(H) holder with PPL (A) would have to do to get a FI(A). Iíve been trawling CAP 804 but canít find a straight answer, someone has to have done this before?

30th Sep 2018, 00:09
Read it again...

30th Sep 2018, 07:18
CPL writtens if you want to teach anything more than LAPL.................

30th Sep 2018, 19:37
(1) Applicants for further instructor certificates may be credited with the teaching and learning
skills already demonstrated for the instructor certificate held. Which means you have to do everything else.

1st Oct 2018, 00:04
You are credited 25 hours teaching and learning, and 55 hours towards the 100 hours theory.

1st Oct 2018, 07:20
The 55 hours credit is in FCL.930. You would also need 200 hours on aeroplanes inc150 hours PIC if holding a PPL and have completed a 300nm X-Cty in an aeroplane. 10 hours IF instruction in aeroplanes; 30 hours SEP with 5 in the 6 months prior to pre-entry test. To teach PPL you would need to complete the CPL bridging exams, details of credits are given in Appendix 1 to Part FCL

1st Oct 2018, 07:37
Thanks for all the advice! Been able to locate in the CAP thanks to the references. Much obliged all.

1st Oct 2018, 10:43
Beware of 804 its been defunct for 2 years and there have been a lot of EASA changes since then. Still OK for National stuff.