View Full Version : Particulate Filters on Petrol Vehicles

26th Sep 2018, 18:34
Honest John in the Torygraph had a letter from someone who had ordered a new BMW X3 (petrol), only to be told that the original delivery date would be delayed "due to the necessity to fit a particulate filter". Apparently this will be required for new petrol vehicles in the future. Is this really the case and if so, do petrol vehicles also emit significant amounts of particulate matter?

26th Sep 2018, 22:27
I understand over the average 'life' of the car, a petrol engine emits about the same amount of particulates as a diesel one, something conveniently 'missed' by government 'experts'.
Sure a new petrol engine will emit less, but this will increase as the engine gets older, whereas a diesel engine emits the same amount (and they have had particulate filters for years) no matter how old it is and they're the same size particulates in both cases.
By the way, don't expect to commit suicide by using diesel engine exhaust as a diesel engine emits virtually no CO, another fact conveniently 'missed'.