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Loose rivets
24th Sep 2018, 23:53
I've still got the draft somewhere. Written in Display Write. Shows how long ago that was. I just answered a question on Quora about getting known. I rather think this would not have raised me to the top of any popularity list. What I didn't mention was the organization that may have been more than a little interested.

Well, first of all, be careful about what you wish for.About 3 decades ago as a wannabe writer, I penned a draft for a story called, Anger of a Small Man. Part of it was about my anger at the British justice system. Part of it was the lack of security in the aviation industry. It told of holding the UK to ransom - with money only a token issue. It was one heck of a plan.

After sitting on the notes for a year, I decided it was too dangerous to publish - even if I could find an agent. Months of thinking about it did not open an escape window. It was horribly foolproof.In the real world I had been at Gatwick airport one night with a young college. We were ‘airside’ and in uniform - but not the owner’s uniform. I stepped aboard a jet transport aircraft on which I’d gained some thousands of flying hours and asked an engineer if it was okay to show the young pilot around. He readily agreed and by chance was just leaving with his crew of technicians. We were left with the aircraft singing with electrical power and fully fuelled.

After showing my new colleague a few technicalities, it dawned on me the engineers weren’t coming back. This became the means of my story’s aircraft acquisition.Suffice it to say that the front cover picture was of an airliner using a lowered undercarriage to knock off the top of the Clock Tower. Westminster was next, or else!Monitoring the gold ingots from the air was easy when one had purchased the freighting facilities months before.

And so it went on.Now, to get famous. Well, just a flight through tower bridge to gain attention. That’ll do it. Yeh, right. Masses of revenue, an assault on my own country, and no freedom to spend my questionably gotten gains.A lot of promotion, but perhaps not such a cunning plan after all.