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24th Sep 2018, 13:44
This story is making headlines for a good and sufficient reason.
Can't a citation/warning be issued in a case like this (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/woman-arrested-after-taking-in-pets-during-hurricane-florence/ar-AAAwDcO?ocid=spartanntp)?
Woman takes in pets during hurricane Florence and Animal Control wants her head.
Tammie Hedges, who runs Crazys Claws N Paws (https://www.facebook.com/loveccnp/?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBakK4J_dPP2mxuGN-Ozqb6TiVRFbubSWtISou1SUJ7HDCUFfIZFbVW1lTN8pDHbfQYZVBRnnBPyrm VpTPb7awK_vDxzjjRQATHhehO9niQGCC_KOyICgs-xUlFYZrdmJlGkwA3da46yf5i2yIJSsvIolQ9ZPqMxxHqTC5GsGMBgTggFXrD mg&__xts__%5B1%5D=68.ARCFeA7HjDWF34ZTCSWItI3LZsCwOZIwgx0gqJ9MZL 4nQLUgPdOQrH8ZxdvTx65QM_ccBqEg7CQwRX40K_x7eTHgLvNMELrlaC67sQ NPIkMN9i5Q_KMuazQC9FVPBwjJqC5Q-ptps4lGdTJaKkHeMS-6xN8STILMUR5MFEkk0hYnhy_70b1OtA), a Goldsboro, N.C., animal rescue (http://time.com/5398546/florence-rescue-animals/) group, took in 27 cats and dogs belonging to residents who were fleeing the storm.
I guess in defense of "the authorities" they may be concerned that a long term matter of code violations in terms of veterinary care at an animal rescue facility is at hand.
They say "tis an ill wind that blows nobody and good" but this seems to be the opposite case.

24th Sep 2018, 14:25
So, the authorities think it is preferable to either let these animals drown or end up in a shelter where they will be euthanised if no one collects them after 7 days.

Maybe those who are so keen on hounding (no pun intended) this woman would be better off looking into this: