View Full Version : Need help! Quick refresher and revalidation or ME/IR required in UK required

23rd Sep 2018, 14:26
Cross posting here as perhaps more of the examiner/instructor crowd will see it here...

So, I write in a bit of panic. I had my ME/IR revalidation booked at an ATO in the UK. Unfortunately, I got an email stating they were overbooked and now had to cancel my appointment! My expiry is the end of the month, and I can only revalidate in the SIM on or before this date.

Is there anyone out here who can help me out or knows somewhere I could go? I'm budget conscious of course, but ideally I'd like a refresher lesson to some extent, and then to be examined but on or before Sep 30. I'm really in a state of panic as it's imperative I get this done. Not looking to renew MEP at all, just the ME/IR. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you :)