View Full Version : Smaller seats, fatter asses. Safety problem?

Mark in CA
21st Sep 2018, 07:46
Maybe this is more a concern in the US where fatter asses might be a bigger issue (pun intended), but is this really a safety issue?

Are Airlines Sure We Can Flee Planes Fast? No Way (https://nyti.ms/2Nsq74t)

21st Sep 2018, 08:23
PPRuNe: New York Times Wonders if We're Too Fat to Get Out (https://www.pprune.org/tech-log/613542-new-york-times-wonders-if-we-re-too-fat-get-out.html)

21st Sep 2018, 10:52
On a recent A320 flight (non UK but EU airline) I saw 2 huge (I mean fat) men seated next to an overwing exit on a full 180 pax flight - No way could these guys try to exit the aperture in a hurry - they could barely breathe, puffing and wheezing, they were so overweight.
I looked at the hostie and she just shrugged...She was rather too busy trying to shove into the overhead lockers the 150 or so wheelie cases and cabin bags that had been brought on board...

I then looked over and saw a 70 to 80 year old couple, 'Mr and Mrs Nice' who were seated by the opposite exit.
The hostie just pointed at the seat placard notice showing them how to open, and then lift out a 20 kgs exit window and what to do with it...
Mr & Mrs Nice looked blankly at it...


21st Sep 2018, 13:17
Thanks DRUK for spotting the duplicate thread. Normally, PPRuNe only allows a single thread but I think this is highly relevant to the cabin and rog747 gives good examples.