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19th Sep 2018, 15:25
I'm looking to book a business class flight to the Far East (actual destination not yet decided) and have discovered that Emirates operate an overnight service from STN to DXB with onward connections to almost anywhere in SE Asia.

For example, the EK website has quoted me a fare of 2684 for a STN-DXB-BKK and return ticket with the fare breakdown as follows:-

Fare GBP 1684
Carrier-imposed charges GBP 794
Taxes and fees GBP 206

I'm very tempted to fly out of STN as it's less than an hour from home as opposed to 2+ to LHR and three or more to LGW but are there any disadvantges I'm unaware of?

Fares I understand, taxes and fees I understand but what is the 'carrier-imposed charge' all about?

19th Sep 2018, 18:26
Fuel surcharge.

19th Sep 2018, 21:33
It means the cost of the Emirates ticket is GBP 2478. but they don't want to say that! In the world of lowest price wins ... It also allows them to vary the price minute by minute to allow for in fuel etc. as they choose. They might only change this line item once a month. So the bottom line remains the bottom line.

20th Sep 2018, 13:14
I suppose the biggest disadvantage is that you are flying from STN. I would rather drive the extra hour and fly from LHR.

golf yankee one one
20th Sep 2018, 16:19
There are two other considerations:

I believe that STN - DXB is once daily by B777, LHR - DXB is five or six per day by A380.

Business class in the 380 is much more fun than in the 777.

Secondly, if by chance you miss your homebound STN connection, you may be faced with the choice of 24hrs delay or a seat going to LHR, LGW or BHX. If you miss a homebound LHR connection, there will probably be another one in a couple of hours.

20th Sep 2018, 17:26
Fare GBP 1684
Carrier-imposed charges GBP 794
Taxes and fees GBP 206

How much is APD out of that lot?

20th Sep 2018, 18:44
Thanks for the info re the fuel surcharge. Seems a lot - nearly 50% of the 'fare'.

GY11 - thanks for those insights; they have given me food for thought. The last thing I would want is to arrive at LHR or LGW with my car at STN! If I decide to go to Bangkok I would probably book Thai or EVA from LHR and skip the DXB stopover (and then use my airline concessions to travel locally within SE Asia).

wowzz - I don't have a problem per se with STN; nearly twenty years of my flying career were spent operating out of there.

21st Sep 2018, 00:27
APD would be 156 at the moment, increasing to 172 next year.

Most of which can be avoided by a 24 hour layover in Europe on the same ticket, or buying two separate tickets for a same day connection. Many airlines such as KLM, Finnair, Lufthansa, Air France could be suitable.

An open jaw ticket on Thai Airways from Europe to BKK and back to LHR might be worth considering. Eurostar to Paris or Amsterdam and then flying from there can also be a major new saver. A rail/sea package to Dublin and a connecting flight on one of the Middle East Airlines could be an option.

Fly from somewhere outside rip off Britain and save your money.