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14th Sep 2018, 19:44
Flying back as a window passenger (not a current pilot) from Portugal yesterday with Easy and was just a tad surprised at how close some of the south bound traffic was at fl 380 over the Bay of Biscay...other half was most excited...did I raise an eyebrow?..well, maybe just half of one...ha

Yaw String
14th Sep 2018, 21:25
It's a very little known phenomenon,called the Biscay Triangle effect.
Have you ever heard of the Bermuda Triangle?..well..same thing!

14th Sep 2018, 21:40
I have not had a Enroute chart up lately, But around Pamplona and Biaritz a lot of southern Spain Portugal and Canary traffic is converging.
You would find a few military Tra ,and generally from FL 340 to 390 it is packed every level and every 10 to 20 Nm with speed restricted in- trail traffic.
Then add CBs top FL 360 plus and turn off the light. Line dancing time!

The French are fantastic
Madrid, well MAD says it all.

Oh and fellow Aviators : Learn Your callsign and wash Your ears!!
I miss the odd call , but it is getting a bit ridicules at times.

Cpt B

Callsign Kilo
14th Sep 2018, 21:53
Did you enjoy the gin? Tanqeuray or Gordonís?

14th Sep 2018, 22:03
Did you enjoy the gin? Tanqeuray or Gordon’s?

Neither...half a kitkat and a luke warm cuppa twas so lucky. Still thk goodness for the razor moment, a chap can get a bit ticked off packed in like a sardine.....could c the whites of their eyes I could... fab.