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14th Sep 2018, 15:08
A possible solution to flagging newspaper sales in the digital age...

A small town in the US state of Missouri is stirring controversy after announcing the title of its new local newspaper, the Uranus Examiner.
The newspaper, which was "launched" in the town of Uranus on Wednesday, was threatened with a boycott by the mayor of nearby Waynesville, Luge Hardman.
"No. I'm sorry. But the innuendo of that title puts the city up for public ridicule," Ms Hardman said.
The people of Uranus, in Pulaski County, are divided on the issue.
Natalie Sanders, who has been named as the newspaper's managing editor, told local news channel KY3 that the title was carefully considered before a decision was made.
"We had thought about 'constitution', but most of the people who love us, and who were part of coming up with the name, liked the examiner better," Ms Sanders reportedly said.
It comes just a week after another Missouri newspaper, the Waynseville Daily Guide, ceased publication. The Uranus Examiner publishers said this left a hole in the market.
"People who wanted an actual newspaper were not going to get one anymore, so we decided to turn a fun newspaper into a real one," Ms Sanders told the Wichita Eagle, a newspaper in neighbouring Kansas

14th Sep 2018, 15:16
Just rename it the Proctological Investigator

14th Sep 2018, 15:30
There are a lot of my former colleagues who would think that was a job advertisement and a good one !!!

14th Sep 2018, 16:15
No doubt the town employees have "split" duties to perform

14th Sep 2018, 17:29
At least it recognises the most suitable use for most newspapers.

15th Sep 2018, 07:19
'twould be handy if you wanted to look up the date.

Takan Inchovit
15th Sep 2018, 09:52
We're on a roll tonight!

15th Sep 2018, 11:47
Might do well as long as they don’t get behind in their deliveries.

15th Sep 2018, 12:37
Think we are scraping the bottom already...

15th Sep 2018, 12:51
Viz comic, The Bottom Inspectors

https://cimg5.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/1024x1432/80-014_04_bottominspectors_2a321d8b424f08fa786e4f67287e648cac87 2a07.jpg

15th Sep 2018, 22:24
Butt, butt, butt....

16th Sep 2018, 01:58
"Missouri--The Show Me State" (?)

Ancient Observer
16th Sep 2018, 14:01
All of the comments I can think of are non-pc.

As I do not wish to be banned, I will pass.............and pass again.

16th Sep 2018, 15:54
Once upon a time some Pennsylvania towns had the same names. So Postal interests mandated name changes. Were town fathers goofing on this requirement when, in a relatively small area, three towns became Bird-in-Hand, Intercourse and Blueball?

West Coast
16th Sep 2018, 18:46
Sounds like a hole in the wall.

16th Sep 2018, 20:07
Trump would describe it as a... no, let's not go there.

Takan Inchovit
16th Sep 2018, 20:24
Perhaps Nixon would have described it as a wise crack.

clark y
18th Sep 2018, 01:59
I thought this thread was going to be about a new NASA probe.