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14th Sep 2018, 13:20
We're thinking of making the trip in spring next year

I guess you can still use the US Immigration pre-clearance facility if you're in transit from the UK?

14th Sep 2018, 14:49
Absolutely, it's a major selling point for US transit via Dublin. You walk off in the US like a domestic passenger with no customs or immigration to do after DUB.

14th Sep 2018, 15:37
Is it done in transit or do we have to enter the Republic and go through US Immigration there?

15th Sep 2018, 06:48
The US Immigration and Customs Service have a large area within DUB Airport where it is done. I think you will be "entering the Republic" but, at present, that is entirely straightforward since UK and R0I are in EU. If Brexit proceeds, and your travel date is afterwards, there may be some extra checks between UK and RoI but, given the Common Travel Agreement (if it continues as stated), that should be minimal. There is a new transit centre being built which should accommodate that type of transfer but I don't know when it is to be operational.

15th Sep 2018, 13:20
You just follow signs for transfer flights and you will enter the departures lounge. You go through Irish security, but not immigration. You then follow signs for the USA Pre-clearance area (signs have American flags on them) and you enter the dedicated part of the terminal. You will pass through TSA style security first and then join the line for the pre-clearance area. After that you will be in a sealed off part of the departures terminal with a few shops and bars, although there is no duty/tax free as you will technically have already crossed into the USA by this time, so make sure you buy any before entering the pre-clearance area.

When I flew EDI-DUB-ORD, all on one EI ticket, I did not pass through Irish immigration. I stayed airside the whole time.
When I flew EDI-DUB-PHL with two separate tickets, changing terminals, I did have to enter the ROI and then leave again, but I had a bag to collect. I am not sure though if you can stay airside and transit while needing to change terminals at DUB.

16th Sep 2018, 09:37
Thanks guys - that's exactly what I needed!!

14th Mar 2019, 08:15
FYI I used this facility to go to the USA recently - I'd say it's definitely worthwhile outbound to the USA - passing US immigration took all of of 2 minutes TOTAL from leaving the normal transit area and at the start of a trip it was well worth the 2 hour lay-over

On the way back you don't get any benefit and have a 2-3 hour connection before onward travel into UK or Europe so no real benefit.

In a perfect world I'd go via Dublin outbound and come back direct

EI Business was good but not exceptional - limited food choices but good IFE - their newer A330s with staggered seating are better than the older ones tho'

14th Mar 2019, 12:45
Interestingly, I arrived in Miami last week off a BA flight and could not believe how fast it was to clear Immigration. I commented on this to the Immigration person clearing us and he remarked they are now using facial recognition equipment there and it certainly appeared to speed up the whole process of entering the USA. Of course, it may be different if lots of planes arrives at the same time, or the new technology is used to reduce Immigration officer headcount going forwards, but last week's experience was definitely very positive for me having spent some fair time queueing at various US gateways over the years.