View Full Version : Novelist who wrote How to Murder your Husband charged with murdering husband

12th Sep 2018, 18:23

13th Sep 2018, 05:05
There was recent article in the local paper about a workshop for those who want to build their own coffins, very simple ones to be used for cremation. Later I found it cut out and stuck up on our notice board, which seemed a bit odd.

Anyway, winter is coming and my wife said she wanted to knit me some warm socks, so that she needed to get my measurements. The feet I can understand, but my height, and the width of my shoulders? I must ask her about this when she gets back from picking mushrooms. She said she's going to make me an omelette later next week.

13th Sep 2018, 11:17
Reminds one of a certain B Fawlty: " Did you see that film 'How To Murder Your Wife'? Awfully good. I saw it SIX times"