View Full Version : Another one gone.

12th Sep 2018, 09:34
As no-one seems to have mentioned I will.
R.I.P. Fenella Fielding.

12th Sep 2018, 10:09
Liz Fraser too.

12th Sep 2018, 10:43

Null Orifice
12th Sep 2018, 13:58
Thanks TTN, classic!!

12th Sep 2018, 14:08
I believe she used that (Do You Mind if I Smoke) as the title of her autobiography.

12th Sep 2018, 14:11
Too good an opportunity to pass up the old joke;

Do you smoke after sex?

i don’t know, I’ve never looked.

Barksdale Boy
12th Sep 2018, 14:42
FF - the sexiest voice ever, bar none.

Loose rivets
13th Sep 2018, 00:45
Oh, no. The FSL will be devastated.

Yes, she had a wonderful voice but there is always the question of Joan Greenwood who really purrs at the end of this clip.


Fenella was bumped into by a scooter in London. He reportedly hollers, It's a good job I wasn't a car! FF replies, You should learn to be a scooter first!

We've discussed this before (erm, 10 years ago) but what was that line that was in dispute? Drapes was quite certain it was Fenella. I seem to remember a red, and red hot, satin dress on the lovely Fenella. Brighter red than the one in this clip.