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Burleigh Effect
4th Sep 2018, 19:33
Hi all

First up, apologies to the forum moderators for reviving this topic but I noted the original thread is now closed and felt I needed to provide some context.

I feel that I am certainly part of the catalyst for the original thread. I PM’d Pilotchute with some questions regarding his previous employment. I was also unaware of the etiquette and if this ‘cold calling’ (PM) was the done thing on these types of forums. My previous attempts to garner information on already established threads had been unsuccessful. Pilotchute was very generous and provided a very timely and detailed response to my questions, far more detailed than I had envisaged.

Unfortunately, as is evidenced by the original thread, I was away for the next four days over the Labor Day long weekend (US) and did not respond until today. I will admit fault, when I first reached-out I should have let Pilotchute know that I was going to be away for a few days and would not be checking back for a response – lesson learnt. I suspect that if more people on these forums took a few days away from the keyboard to go camping/chase swell/just get outside, there would be far less negativity on some of these boards – IMHO.

I once again want to publically thank Pilotchute for his reply, it was very helpful and informative.

No doubt I have somehow offended one or two people’s sensibilities with this response and my initial actions – to them I would proffer the following advice, get yourself outside, take your spouse/kid(s)/dog, pack a few cold beers and watch a sunset. I’ll admit it sounds a bit new-age and ‘wanky’ but the reality is you’ll probably come to the conclusion that civilization is unlikely to end with our generation (yep, I’m not in my 20’s), even if only for a few hours.



4th Sep 2018, 23:29
Kudos for your response. I don’t think anyone should criticise you for your post. In fact, I think you have demonstrated a quality that makes for a good pilot: the ability to recognise that you may have said or done something wrong, admit it, own it, address it and move on. I think this applies to both the technical skills area of flying as well as the CRM issues.


das Uber Soldat
5th Sep 2018, 01:46
What are you two muppets on about.

I give this thread 1/10. Wouldn't recommend.

Capt Fathom
5th Sep 2018, 03:56
To understand what is being discussed here, you would have to have read this. Private Message Etiquette (https://www.pprune.org/australia-new-zealand-pacific/612922-private-message-etiquette.html)

Burleigh Effect
5th Sep 2018, 16:52
@theheadmaster - thanks for your positive response, cheers. PS I'm a big fan of your beer glasses.

@das_Uber_Soldat - A response like yours was just as I expected. With all your time off at the moment it might be valuable to pack a few coldies and head to the hills (if confused see my post above). Otherwise you'll have to wait until next month when the new Wolfenstein is released for a bit stress relief therapy.