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2nd Sep 2018, 08:57
Hi all,

I'm not sure if I should be logging my LTC hours as instructor. Technically the FO is fully qualified as they have completed base training. Also LTC training is a company course and I do not have an instructor rating on my licence.

Does anyone log these hours as instructor?

2nd Sep 2018, 12:57
You answered your own question.....

2nd Sep 2018, 20:45
The FO is qualified on type.

Line training is an operator requirement, not a licencing one, therefore there is no instructor time to log.

Nothing wrong with noting it in the remarks and keeping a tally, but won't count for any licencing purpose.

3rd Sep 2018, 07:49
Thanks for the replies:ok:

3rd Sep 2018, 10:01
I never understood the reasoning behind this, though.
At my day job I could spend five or six hours with a new f/o (170 hrs total and 1 hour on type for base training, plus the sim course) briefing them on everything they needed for line flying (flight plans/OFP/FTLS etc, plus an aircraft visit to go through the emergency equipment and teach how to do the PDI. Next day we would fly four sectors, teaching how to operate in controlled airspace, London TMA, practising and teaching all the things an airline pilot needed to do, but none of that could be counted as instruction to keep an instructor rating current. Yet on my day off I could spend an hour in the right seat of a Cessna 172 with a private owner who had 1000 hrs on type and needed no real instructional input from me during the hour required with an FI for his SEP currency. Yet that hour, where I used no instructional skills at all DID count towards keeping my instructor rating current.... bizarre.

3rd Sep 2018, 11:01
Which led me to wonder: how can you use that one hour with an instructor, even for an experienced pilot such as you described, so that some educational value can be derived from it by the person in the LH seat? Obviously, it doesn't have to be a complete re-examination, but still I think that there will always be some areas in which even an experienced pilot can use some extra practice and pointers.

Apologies in advance for the thread drift...