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Same again
1st Sep 2018, 07:40
Hello. I expect to be retiring from commercial flying next year. Whilst I have mostly flown helicopters with a UK ATPL(H) IR I have a UK PPL (A) and UK CPL(A) and would like to train to become a PPL FI (A). Can anyone give recommendations for a school that offers residential full-time FI course training (if there is such a thing). Many thanks.

memories of px
1st Sep 2018, 10:08
ontrack wellesbourne, pooleys shoreham, redhill aviation, thruxton, not residential but b&bs nearby, also search for instructor seminars, usually the same organisation.

Banana Joe
1st Sep 2018, 10:22
On-Track Aviation is good and busy till 2019, so make sure to book your spot well in advance.

1st Sep 2018, 12:25
CFT Tattenhill...
local B&Bs...

Not UK but FTE or Airways in Spain...probably sort the accommodation as well

Booker with Caroline, TPC Denham with EVA or Carol at Andrewsfield...

lots of options..

Same again
2nd Sep 2018, 07:05
Thank you all for the recommendations.

4th Sep 2018, 08:20
I would certainly recommend TPC Denham. I did my CPL and FI there. Very good school. Very professional.

Capt Pit Bull
4th Sep 2018, 20:48
Several ex students have gone via On Track and speak highly of it.