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30th Aug 2018, 17:30
hi everyone. ime a regular flier into san javier (murcia ) airport , have been for nearly 3 years flying in at least once a month and have many friends doing the same . this year we have all noticed that ryanair is landing at a lot faster speeds and slamming anchors on (most peoples take on it) . we have all been wondering why this change this year . last year we were all commmenting that some of our landings there have been best weve had anywhere but this year everyone is saying worst theyve experienced. does anyone else notice this and can anyone throw any light on the situation. thank you for reading.

Johnny [email protected] Pants
30th Aug 2018, 19:30
I can't imagine that they would be any faster, maybe your perception is that they are faster, but there is no reason for them to be any faster.

As for their landings, you must have hit a run of positive ones. Perhaps you should choose a better airline that operates to Murcia from your neck of the woods:ok:

30th Aug 2018, 21:20
The speed at which an aircraft approaches and touches down will vary (slightly) with weight but will vary significantly with differences in the headwind component.

30th Aug 2018, 22:49
Hello wrightybfc and welcome to the forum.

This question gets asked most years! Do search the forum for previous threads but you will find that there is little variation. On some days, it might be that that the flight crew want to be make a particular exit, or they mat be directed to do so by ATC. Landing too fast and then having to break hard is NOT what flight crew aim for as it places extra stress on the tyres etc.

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