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28th Aug 2018, 09:06
From the West Australian newspaper : Disruptive passengers get to see REAL Australia (https://thewest.com.au/travel/disruptive-passengers-force-garuda-flight-from-bali-to-perth-to-divert-ng-b88942163z)

PHE - only 90 minutes out of Denpasar.
Must have been well oiled when they staggered on board.
Might cost them a dollar or two more than they had planned.
I like it. Should be more of it.

1st Sep 2018, 02:01
Your thread title should read "welcome to Bali" as this behaviour is more so indicative of Bali bogans than Australians in general. Also, the muppets were French not Australian. But yes, definitely should be more of it

1st Sep 2018, 15:13
Absolutely should be more of it and they should make him pay the diversion costs as well... pity though that the media can't help themselves, the standard "mid air drama" tag line used - the TV equivalent of click bait.

3rd Sep 2018, 01:05
I think they may have found a night or two in a Port Hedland lockup to be "culturally enlightening".

And if immigration and the local magistrate do their job then they will spend waiting time in custody, be put onto the next available PHE - DPS flight (not that frequent), and all at their own cost plus penalties.
I will try to follow this one up for actual outcome.
I can see no reason at all why they should not forfeit right of entry to Australia, for instance.

3rd Sep 2018, 02:20
I guess it must have plunged into Port Hedland. Amazed there isn't an interview with a terrified passenger.

3rd Sep 2018, 08:00
Apparently not tourists entering Australia but French nationals, resident in Australia, returning from Bali.