View Full Version : Gulfstream IV Attempting Emergency Landing After Landing Gear or Tire Failure -KTEB

21st Aug 2018, 20:40
A Gulfstream IV, N101CV, suffered multiple tire blowouts or worse when departing KTEB Teterboro NJ this morning. The plane has been holding and flying around New England for several hours to burn off fuel. 16 passengers/crew aboard with an orginal destionation of EGGW (London Luton).

It will attempt to land at KSWF Stewart International, New York in several minutes on Rwy 9 (the longer runway). Hopefully the landing will be a non-event and the runway/airport will be reopened soon. ATC hopes to keep the shorter runway open if the intersection is clear.

Although the tail number is blocked from tracking sites, Flightradar24 was originally showing the unidentified plane course, but that has stopped. Previous reports that the plane would return to KTEB or land at KBAF are incorrect.


21st Aug 2018, 20:44
It's N101CV with rapper Post Malone and fifteen others onboard, cleared ILS 9 at SWF.

21st Aug 2018, 20:52
Update, aircraft was able to land safely at Stewart Int'l, and taxi clear. Debris was scattered on runway and is being cleared.

21st Aug 2018, 20:53
Nice landing, the plane was able to clear the runway under its own power and will wait for a tow on taxiway A. :ok:

21st Aug 2018, 21:18
The airfield KSWF is expected to reopen shortly, about 45 minutes after N101CV landed. Other than some disgruntled folks who can't land at KSWF for a little while, there appears to be no issues remaining. N101CV will need some good A&P work before flying again however.

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