View Full Version : FIC, Aerobatic instructor, Upset Recovery??

16th Aug 2018, 19:20
As Upset Recovery Training is now creeping up into integrated basic training, what ratings instructors need to comply? UPRT goes close to the aerobatic territory (high pitch, high bank), some would consider it is full aerobatic when you see the courses offered on Extra 300 with all types of spins and more.
Agreed, UPRT still need to be properly defined by the authorities, as everybody seems to sell his own recipe but have any authorities clarified their positions on who can teach UPRT (the spin avoidance part or incipient spin), the swept wing behaviour will stay in the sim obviously with experienced SFI or TRI's.
FICs (instructor of instructors under EASA) are allowed to train spin recovery during instructor course! are they "the solution" without having to shell out for aerobatic training then FI aerobatic?
Your 2 cents really appreciated.

16th Aug 2018, 20:35
Have you read the EASA Opinion (https://www.easa.europa.eu/document-library/opinions/opinion-062017)?