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10th Aug 2018, 10:17
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ORS4 No 1275 (http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/ORS41275FINAL.pdf)

There's a 2 year gap between PBN implementation for crew and equipage for aircraft. CAA have pragmatically filled that gap by issuing this exemption.

10th Aug 2018, 10:50
So, let me get this right!?
UK CAA can not get a simple thing like this sorted on time for everyone so they opt for the easy way out and procrastinate!
With this in mind , think of the colossal workload Brexit represents.
If I had a UK licence I would get myself a EU licence ASAP.
Good luck, Chaps!
Cpt B
Damd, I have a UK medical

10th Aug 2018, 11:46
No, BSU, that's not right - as with a number of related Implementing Regulations, there is disparity between stakeholder compliance and components of the mandate (1207/2011, 1028/2014 and 2017/386 (SPI) for example, where there is a deadline to equip aircraft but no requirement for ANSP's to deploy ground based sensors and therefore properly make use of the data), and the CAA recognises that in the case of types not approved for RNP approaches, there exists an anomaly between the pilot privileges required and the aircraft capability
The exemption is intended to cover the gap of diverging applicability dates within Commission Regulations (EU) No. 1178/2011 and is therefore time-limited from the date of entry into force on 25 August 2018, until 24 August 2020.
As said by CloudHound, a pragmatic approach by the CAA which is both sensible and proportionate.

10th Aug 2018, 15:58
Indeed pragmatic, however:-
UK Operators are required to register such aircraft types with their CAA Flight Operations Inspector, together with their safety case for use of this exemption and proposed action plan to resolve the issues that make them unable to conduct full PBN operations. All Operators should contact the respective NAA’s of all the licence holders that they employ to request a similar exemption.

Ivan aromer
10th Aug 2018, 16:56
As said by CloudHound, a pragmatic approach by the CAA which is both sensible and proportionate.
That's not a phrase you hear too often when mentioning the CAA!