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6th Aug 2018, 08:37
Jet airways take off from taxiway ended doing a taxiway excursion...:ugh:

6th Aug 2018, 10:55
Theres already a thread on this, and i believe that was already someones hypothesis

7th Aug 2018, 02:58
Taxiway lights are blue . Do remind me.

7th Aug 2018, 08:24
Theres already a thread on this

Do you have a link ? It's not immediately obvious from either a forum or Google search.

Press release from the Saudi AIB:

Twy K appears to be a recent addition at OERK (visible on GE between Twy G and Rwy 15L/33R) and some reports suggest it wasn't in the aerodrome chart that the crew were using.

7th Aug 2018, 09:56
Taxiway K isnt in Jeppesens as of today.

7th Aug 2018, 10:19
Lido ground charts do show K matching the GE imagery.. on those charts it is very definitely marked as not useable/out of service but there is also a relevant NOTAM here:

“May 281500z-UFN.
Establish new TWY K south of RWY 15L/33R fm RWY 33R hldg psn
TWY G3 opn and opr for acft mov as flw
- wid : 25M
- sfc : asph
- PCN : 80/F/a/W/T
- lgtd and marked”

FWIW there is also a note in our company documentation about the standard of some of the taxiway lighting and some of the taxiway signage........

8th Aug 2018, 12:01
An accident is always a sad event.Just wondering whether the aircraft in question was not equipped with RAAS ? Taxiway KILO was established a while ago although didnot indicate on the Jepp charts. Operated out of Saudi airports and RT was a challenge. Just thinking aloud .... RAAS functions as a part of EGPWS and relies on GPS signals. Sometimes in Jeddah and Riyadh GPS outages are experienced for very short intervals which can inhibit these operations but the amber warning would annunciate at the time .

8th Aug 2018, 14:01
No RAAS installed in 9W 737 NG aircraft , the new MAX comes with it from the factory. Also 9W uses Jeppesen and I believe the Saudi AIP also not showing the taxiway K on its airport diagram.A NOTAM explaining a closed taxiway that doesn’t exist on your airport charts would need a keen suspicious mind to determine its actual existence.

As to why they turned onto the under construction taxiway where they “expected” to find the runway not noticing the difference in lighting , it’s anyone’s guess right now , there have been numerous instances of pilots lining up and taking off and landing from closed/wrong runway/taxiways and an important lesson for us all:bored: