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Tee Emm
30th Jul 2018, 15:18
The Boeing Airliner magazine once ran an article warning of erroneous flight instrument indications in a Boeing 707 that could be expected with a severely damaged radome.

On 30 July 2018, the Aviation Herald website: Incident: Tianjin A320 near Wuhan on Jul 26th 2018, hail strike (http://avherald.com/h?article=4bba3b2e&opt=0) published a story about a Tianjin A320 that suffered hail severe damage to its radome near Wuhan on 26 July 2018. The photo of the smashed-in radome was impressive to say the least.
With Airbus and Boeing aircraft, (or any similar types) what type of erroneous flight instrument information can be expected that could affect the safe operation of an aircraft during the approach and landing phase of flight following severe damage caused by hail strike to the radome?T

30th Jul 2018, 15:51
a damaged radome might affect your barometric system as the airflow could be considerably altered around the nose section. a WX radar in the nose might as well be affected. to what extend is hard to say as it would largely depend on the extend of the damage as well as the aircraft type. ather than that you will have an increased fuel flow due to the extra drag. and: hail could do a whole lot more nasty stuff to an airframe than "just" a smashed radome.

30th Jul 2018, 16:20
Sometimes localizer and glideslope antennas are located inside the radome. If the damage is severe, these systems may be affected.

31st Jul 2018, 00:16
Total Air Temperature probes and Angle of Attack probes can be added to the list. False or lack of information can severely affect FMC output.

31st Jul 2018, 07:00
This has happened before and is usually accompanied by unusual or no airspeed indications caused by the disrupted airflow aft of the radome. See this:-

Incidents and Accidents (http://vc10.net/History/incidents_and_accidents.html#G-ARVB_ice_encounter)

31st Jul 2018, 13:19
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