View Full Version : China Southern: OK?

25th Jul 2018, 01:32
They have really keen prices from Australia to UK. Has anyone tried them?

31st Jul 2018, 18:03
I flew Amsterdam-Beijing-Xiamen-Manila-Guangzhou with them with no problems.
food and comfort was good, all on time.

Ancient Mariner
2nd Aug 2018, 09:44
Been flying them since the early 90'ies, always been good, especially compared to some other Chinese airlines. ;)

Trinity 09L
2nd Aug 2018, 15:29
If you use them to Oz do you need a visa to transit thru China, or only if you go landslide?

3rd Aug 2018, 20:27
You can get a visa to go airside free of charge if you want, but no transit visa required.