View Full Version : New Scanner Trials

23rd Jul 2018, 17:10
The BBC have an article saying new scanners are being trialled at Heathrow. These will apparently be able to detect explosives in plastic bags. This could end the liquids in hand baggage restrictions.
I thought this technology was already available, at least to the police. It is called "dog"!

The Sleeping Pax
24th Jul 2018, 07:33
Interesting. What happens if you are transferring to another flight to get to your final destination, say at BKK, SIN etc and they don't have the same equipment/policy? How long are they proposing for a world-wide roll out?

24th Jul 2018, 09:01
I guess you’ll get the same confusion and fun and games as happened when various other bans were brought in on a regional basis or you have now at the likes of LHR if you are a transfer passenger from somewhere where the screening is deemed less rigorous... you’ll have to expect to be rescreened to the local standard......

24th Jul 2018, 13:16
Sounds like the scanners they already have in Departures 2 at Schiphol. You just empty your pockets into a tray, throw a bag or two on top and then proceed to the body scanner (they have a new type of those as well). No need to take anything out and/or repack any bag unless it gets pulled for further inspection by the rummage squad.