View Full Version : Single Piece FAN (LPC) Repair

22nd Jul 2018, 11:26
A couple of questions on new type single piece fans (LPC) Referring to something like PW800 series.as fitted to Gulfstream G500/G600
Are they lighter than convention architecture
Do they need to be more damage tolerant
How do you prevent blades vibrating given that traditional blade mounts allow each blade to find it's optimal position.
How is the stage balanced as a complete unit - must be great casting to get such fine balance out of the mold.
How are damaged blades repaired from say a bird strike.
Wouldn't having to have entire fan stage assemblies as spare parts be more expensive than a field replacement of a single blade.
What other benefits/pitfalls haven't I thought of.

Turbine D
22nd Jul 2018, 15:06
Perhaps this video will provide some answers to your questions:


Today, blisks tend to be machined out of forgings and not cast. Repairs can be made and are made depending on the number, condition and location of the required repair. Blisks are lighter than individual blades slotted into a separate disk. It provides for blade aerodynamic improvements including potential reduction of the number of required blades over that of disk slotted blades. Compressor efficiency is improved because of leakage elimination which occurs with disk slotted blades. Also, bolts and blade retainers are eliminated, less parts, less parts inventory to track and maintain.