View Full Version : UK Spaceport in Scotland

Phantom Driver
16th Jul 2018, 23:53

Announced at Farnborough today . Admirable , but not sure how far 2.5 million will go if they hope to start launching by early 2020's . Also giving 23 million to Lockheed Martin to bring their rockets in . Perhaps a nod to Brexit ( make Britain Great again) . As usual , British technology at the forefront , but who remembers what happened to HOTOL.....

(p.s rather unfortunate optics having what appeared to be a 60 year old 727 ( albeit nicely painted) in the static display behind the minister while he was making his announcement of the good news )

17th Jul 2018, 00:10
Some discussion here: https://www.pprune.org/military-aviation/611139-announcement-spaceport-expected-16th-july.html