View Full Version : BY4660 LGW-RHO - diverted to MAN?!

14th Jul 2018, 19:46
Seems odd?

https://cimg1.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.gmforum.com-vbulletin/920x2000/88aa5cf1_277d_4b14_80a4_c853394031a3_747611530b650edb7140b4e 5368b6ace758e3d41.png

14th Jul 2018, 20:06
Why? The aircraft is probably broken with something that will ground if after it's first landing..... And the only avialable spare to continue the service is in MAN?

14th Jul 2018, 20:12
Guess so. Looks like a return to LGW initially, then perhaps as you say new information, need to get to MAN, hence the turn over the North Sea.

Halcyon Days
14th Jul 2018, 22:26
More likely there was a "spare" aircraft there and a full crew available on standby-so they could switch
passengers across with the minimum of delay.

Council Van
14th Jul 2018, 22:33
If there is a stby aircraft and crew they have still not departed. Do they have airport stby crew or just home stby?

​​​Turns out they are being put in a hotel til 4.30am with a 7.30 am departure.

Now if they had the odd B73 and B75 stby aircraft at Manchester's with associated crew on airport stby like one of their competitions does:D

15th Jul 2018, 09:17
What with the 4 orbit holds at LHR, it is probably a shorter distance to go direct to MAN.

Or, the crew might be based at MAN.