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4 Holer
6th Jul 2018, 06:41
Any news on the delay of delivery of the second Pacific Air Express B757 S/N22211 N314ST seems to be still sitting in Phoenix reg was to be changed on 12th April 2018 per FAA website but nothing happening ? VH-PAQ ( N315ST ) S/N22611 is showing delivered to Christchurch back in March. Any news on the start date this month to China or Domestic AUS ?

Cool banana
6th Jul 2018, 15:23
BOEING 757-200 FREIGHTER N315ST - UPDATED 27 MARCH 2018 | Article - Tue 27 Mar 2018 02:00:00 AM UTC | airsoc.com. (http://airsoc.com/articles/view/id/5ab9ad263d2d2e292b8b4574/boeing-757-200-freighter-n315st-updated-27-march-2018)

Boeing 757-200 freighter N315ST - UPDATED 27 MARCH 2018

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As alluded to in our post from a couple of weeks ago, Boeing 757-200PCF N315ST has been registered VH-PQA as from 20 March 2018 to Pacific Air Express Flight Operations PTY of Brisbane.

This ties in with PAE's expectation of commencing freight operations between Brisbane and Guangzhou as outlined in the accompany news article HERE (http://www.impactpub.com.au/aircargo/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=14683:pacific-air-express-looks-north-to-china-for-all-cargo&catid=85&Itemid=435) albeit several months later than anticipated.


Posted 12 March 2018:

Aerolease Boeing 757-200PCF freighter N315ST MSN 22611 touched down at Christchurch 12 March 2018 from Honolulu via Apia. The jet departed Goodyear/AZ 10 March (USA date) for the short hop to Phoenix/AZ before embarking on the direct flight to Honolulu.

This airframe has had a somewhat varied life starting out in 1985 with Eastern Airlines with whom it operated until 1991. After that its been all over the place, check out 22611 ? MvN's Boeing 757 Website (http://www.b757.info/22611/)

It was converted to a freighter back in May 2007 and at the conclusion of operations with DHL has been in storage at Goodyear since mid 2017.

7th Jul 2018, 04:25
They don't have an AOC yet.

phantom menace
8th Jul 2018, 04:51
They don't have an AOC yet.

A minor technical detail easily overcome 🤔

8th Jul 2018, 20:52
There’s a new B767F in DHL colors at NZAA at the moment. Where is that going to operate?

8th Jul 2018, 22:06
There’s a new B767F in DHL colors at NZAA at the moment. Where is that going to operate?

sharing work with the 757 once it (757) gets back from Seletar.

8th Jul 2018, 23:20
Thought PAE had an AOC. Didn't they have B727F running around the pacific during the mid 2000's

27th Nov 2018, 21:51
VH-PQA just departed Christchurch for Brisbane as PCF1.

28th Nov 2018, 04:39
Australian AOC?
Any idea what they are paying, conditions etc?
Who do they recruit through?

4 Holer
28th Nov 2018, 13:22
Excellent, B757F is a good bird.

29th Nov 2018, 21:36
This A/C currently parked @ Logistics bay, BNE Finally arrived, & looks good!!

29th Nov 2018, 22:22
Worked on this in the UK, best thing they could do was chop a hole in it. Shame they didn't go a little bit further....

1st Dec 2018, 01:24
According to Flightaware, it’s enroute to Brisbane from Hobart.

Pacific Air Express 5, due into Brisbane at 1220( Qld time).

22nd Jan 2019, 01:11
Anyone have any details on T & C with this operator?