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3rd Jul 2018, 11:21
Given that BA have borrowed some A330's I assume the flight crew come with the aircraft
However I also assume CC are not BA as would not be rated on type?

Same with the Titan B737 operated out of Gatwick as BA would not be current

Question is Why are BA currently not able to use their own equipment and crew? I assume it all down to costs ultimately. ..

Doug E Style
3rd Jul 2018, 11:45
B787 engine issues. There you go.

Dave Gittins
3rd Jul 2018, 12:27
Suspect that isnít the whole story. Titan have had an A320 operating BA flights from Gatwick for at least a couple of months and unless there is s long knock on chain it ismít replacing a 787.

Its operated by by a fully Titan crew and with a better offering than BA with free refreshments and a WiFi system to give free IFE on yr own tablet.

Gulf Julliet Papa
3rd Jul 2018, 15:22
The slots purchased from the demise of Monarch needed filling, or they would of lost them, with no spare aircraft I believe they've wet leased a fair few aircraft. In fact yesterday it looked like just G-POWK + WM, and G-CIXW

3rd Jul 2018, 16:32

Really nice try..but as we know nothing is ever seen as being straightforward or believable if BA are involved...there must b3 dark forces at work..

I’ve obviously imagined the 787’s parked up at BA west base, some a bit short of engines, I’ve obviously imagined the level of work and routes the 747 and 777 have picked up this summer from the 78, and I guess the reports of a certain Gulf airline, member of the IA Group, having excess capacity due to the political situation in that part of the world must be nonsense as well....

27th Jul 2018, 12:22
If you find yourself on Qatar when you booked BA you should view that as a free upgrade

Another James
4th Aug 2018, 18:31
Only had the Qatar experience during the BA mixed fleet cabin crew strike. As a regular BA club passenger the Qatar equivalent was rather nice :D

Mr Mac
5th Aug 2018, 07:45
Another James
That is why many of us have deserted BA !
Mr Mac

5th Aug 2018, 11:59
All BA flights from Doha are now flown by QA. Us paid up members of the local self loading cargo fraternity have no complaints about the improved service.