View Full Version : A Quick Note

1st Jul 2018, 13:53
I noticed that Sunday 1st of July was the last day that Skippers were flying to Carnarvon with Rex taking over the PER-CVQ route from the 2nd of July.
Skippers has had this route since 2012 and I must admit that when they won that route and took over from Skywest..I thought they had big shoes to fill.

However whenever I flew to CVQ (or back to Perth) with Skippers, I never had any issues at all and I thought they did a good job.

I just thought I'd say thanks to all the Skippers staff including the pilots and flight attendants. Working in the aviation industry is an enjoyable one but it can be tough at times and a thankless job especially with the general public being demanding at times.

A small thank you from me, an aviation enthusiast means your work is not forgotton. Thanks Skippers ☺