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25th Jun 2018, 03:03
This article is from 2015, I just found by chance with a link from elsewhere. Whilst we have often spoken of evacuation times in the forum, this gives a very interesting side of the problem. Namely: How many people 'freeze'
In a catastrophic event, most people fail to do the one thing that would save their life, says Michael Bond. 28 January 2015

BBC 2015 (http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20150128-how-to-survive-a-disaster)

25th Jun 2018, 09:01
A big issue these days is the want to record it on a mobile phone. That should be part of the safety brief. People should be told not to get their phones out and to evacuate immediately. If it prevents just a few people doing it, it could be worth it.