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22nd Jun 2018, 07:47
Advice please. My wife is flying on her own from Leeds at around midday to Berlin on a Friday in December. I would like to surprise her by giving her access to one of the premium lounges. There are three of them and they all seem to get the same sort of mixed/poor reviews. Can anyone tell me which one is truly the best? As she flies very infrequently on her own, cost is not an issue unless they are hideously expensive! Thank you

Piltdown Man
22nd Jun 2018, 16:31
The lounges cost between 25-35. The LBA lounges (https://book.leedsbradfordairport.co.uk/book/LBA/MultiPurchase) section of the airports website describes the service on offer and the prices. The cheaper lounge attracts the noisiest customers and they try hard to get their money’s worth from the “open bar” (they are from Yourshire). The 1432 Lounge might be your best choice.


22nd Jun 2018, 19:09
In the departure area, from what I have seen and experienced there seem to be two lounges. On a morning flight, on business class tickets, we have been directed to the left and enjoyed breakfast... bacon rolls etc. However on an afternoon departure, also business class, the left hand lounge seemed to be in darkness and we were directed to the right hand lounge with drinks and snacks. The drinks lady seemed to depart at around six-ish and everyone them helped themselves to the bar. Fine by me but which is the 1432 bar and can anyone confirm my views.