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14th Jun 2018, 11:38
Hello guys,

seems more and more FI are in need. Working as a FI as well, and willing to upgrade (IRI CRI) ,
I am a bit tired to see many ADS without pay and conditions online. It would save us a lot of time let's be honest... In japon at least, everything is CLEAR, ordered and you know exactly what you may get before even sending your application.
In Europe, it is this way : we want FI, good team player, strong skills, report to your chief pilot, willing to motivate our student, to work on sunday, to come to interview by paying your own ticket.... but we offer good package (what package dude come on ?) blablabla..and nothing on what THEY can offer in return ? (I just want to know the NET income and if I can bring wife and kids).

so I am here to open a topic about pay and conditions from different schools. It would be nice to share about that if you are working in one of these schools below, what do you think ?
Do you have any informations about :

what is the net income for a FI position ? IRI CRI then ?

thank you guys! :)

Banana Joe
14th Jun 2018, 19:04
FTE have recently started a sponsored program with everyting paid for and the courses are due to start this summer. I applied so fingers crossed. I intend on making this a long term career.
In the meanwhile I also found a reasonable offer in another country and hopefully I won't have to pay for the FI course in that case either – I'd be bonded. This is the proper way.

14th Jun 2018, 19:49
This is the proper way.
With due respect, I think it may be the way to go for bigger integrated schools, as they have the financial means to do it, but I think the average aeroclub or smaller ATOs can't really sponsor the FI course.

Oxford as far as I know is only offering freelance work.

FTE and L3 (if you choose the Portuguese base) could be two very good options nowadays. I would even lean towards FTE as I think they have a better "pipeline" system if you want to move on to airlines later on. But both seem to have plenty of students and weather is good, so you fly steadily and also enjoy the weather during your time off.

Unfortunately I don't know the conditions they are offering. Remember pay is not everything, as if you can get discounted accomodation, loss of license, increased leave... especially if you look at it as a career or at least as a long term job.

Banana Joe
14th Jun 2018, 19:51
Schools that run their own FI course should be able to afford this and this is my case.

I do agree on having certain benefits, with LoL being the most important one to me at the moment.

14th Jun 2018, 19:58
In a way I agree with you but the issue is... if you decide to leave and not honor your bond, a smaller outfit will be in a difficult situation. A bigger ATO will have better legal back up and if they go to court and lose, the hit is smaller.
As much as I think the way airlines go about the TR, I think flight schools are playing in a different league and the smaller outfits may have a harder time sponsoring FI candidates.

But I repeat... I'm very happy that some of you guys are having your FI rating or upgrades sponsored.

Alex Whittingham
19th Jun 2018, 17:42
I can tell you that ATPL Ground Instructors start at 40K and even offering more than that, and profit related bonuses on top, I'm shortly going to be offering a 10K signing bonus to make sure I can hire and keep the best staff.