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5th Jun 2018, 17:53
As I left my house around 1655 today Tuesday 5th June a Spifire flew very low over my head it had the white stripe markings on the wings.

It was flying from an Easterly direction and made a turn seemingly to head back east.

Anyone know which one and what it was doing?

6th Jun 2018, 08:49
Looking on FR24 a pair of MkIX trainers were operating out of Headcorn but towards the memorial at Folkestone. P-51 G-SHWN was around but much further to the north skirting the Gatwick zone. Have asked on Flypast...

6th Jun 2018, 13:26
The sublime over the faintly ridiculous - sorry VCtenderness - many years ago my aunt retired to Capel Avenue in Peachaven - built on land bought at the end of the 1st WW by an Australian to build home fit for heroes.. Even as a teenager I thought it a characterless spread of unattractive bungalows. But thanks for triggering a memory of an Aunt I loved dearly.

6th Jun 2018, 19:01
Wander 00

Capel Avenue is very close to me. Peacehaven has changed quite a bit over the years and what is happening now is developers are knocking down old bungalows and putting up several modern expensive houses.

My daughter has just bought a house, one of three very nice ones, built on the site of one old bungalow.

7th Jun 2018, 05:53
Yesterday evening, we were treated to the sight and sound of a low- flying DC3 in military colours (which presumably makes it a C-47) overhead Rainham, North Kent.
No result on FR24 or ADSB exchange. Would be very interested to know more, maybe related to the Spitfire mentioned by vctenderness.

Apologies for rampant thread drift, but vctenderness's pprune name just reminded me of an extraordinary and special treat earlier this year: sitting in the captain's seat of Brookland's VC10! Absolutely amazing. Sorry, couldn't help myself!

7th Jun 2018, 08:23
I think the BBMF Dakota was out and about yesterday, 74th anniversary of D Day!

vctenderness, no response on Flypast, I expect it was one of the Spitfires based at Biggin.

10th Jun 2018, 13:34
It’s just flown over my house again. Low, heading Easterly at 1430 Sunday 10th June. Has three white stripes on wings.

11th Jun 2018, 12:40
vctenderness (great choice of PPRuNe name by the way), there are several Spitfires flying around with D-Day stripes, which will show up as the three white stripes you saw. As mentioned by treadigraph, it may well have been one of the Heritage Hangar Spitfires (see here: https://flyaspitfire.com/about) but I'm afraid that finding out which one will be difficult if not impossible. You could call that company but even then they may not know for sure.

I don't know if any Spits are fitted with ADS-B capable equipment, I suspect not many, and therefore sites such as Flightradar24 will not always show these aircraft.

Heathrow Harry
11th Jun 2018, 15:01
BOBF hurricane and Spitfire stopped off at White Waltham on Saturday to refuel after the Fly-Past