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5th Jun 2018, 03:36

How close can you get? Boeing 737-800 descends to 40 feet above the sea at 0.3 nm from threshold while conducting visual approach in heavy rain and poor visibility.

There was a similar incident to a Nauru Airlines 737 at Kosrae, Micronesia three years ago. See: https://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/2015/aair/ao-2015-066/
One extract from the Canadian report should be of direct interest to Australian registered 737-800 pilots and that is regarding use of the autothrottle while manually flying on an instrument approach. It is cut and pasted here as follows::

"The PF disconnected the autopilot and reduced the pitch from 0.5 nose up to 1.2 nose down. Three seconds later, the engine thrust decreased from 62% to 52% N1.12 Shortly afterward, the rate of descent increased to 1150 fpm, and the aircraft began to deviate below the 3 descent angle of the standard approach path. Approximately 2 seconds after the aircraft’s descent rate was increased, the crew cycled the flight directors, in accordance with WestJet’s approach procedures for landing at TNCM.13 The autothrottle changed from speed mode to ARM mode14 when the flight directors were cycled, and thereafter did not provide automatic thrust control"

On the other hand, the Boeing 737 FCTM states that autothrottle use is recommended during takeoff and climb in either automatic or manual flight. During all other phases of flight autothrottle use is recommended only when the autopilot is engaged in Command (CMD). In other words, when the pilot is manually flying the 737, apart from the circumstances provided above, the autothrottle should be off.

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5th Jun 2018, 05:39
Don’t forget about Sea Lion -