View Full Version : TUI 787 Configuration

Danny G
28th May 2018, 14:49
Hi, just a quick question. Are any of the TUI Dreamliners configured for short haul only this summer?


29th May 2018, 05:51
No they’re all staying in LH config

Danny G
29th May 2018, 10:13
Thanks looking at a holiday that is operated by the 787 so I now know where to book my seats!

29th May 2018, 12:37
Try the Tui shop and book through them. They should have the info you need when the answer to the first question where do you want to go the answer is fly in a B787

I book where and when and then worry about aircraft type

For what it's worth we did Palma and was pleasantly surprised to get a new ish Tui 787 on the out when the normal is a 737 on that run

Danny G
29th May 2018, 14:02
Same here, just looked at my last post and it reads wrong!! The holiday is in Malaga and it just happens to be a 787 operated flight. Last year we ended up on 767s

5th Jun 2018, 10:21
Ok so it appears I was wrong! 2 have been reconfigured for the summer - apologies

Danny G
9th Jun 2018, 12:12
No worries it seems like its only just happened but thanks for replying anyway :ok:

9th Jun 2018, 16:46
Sorry to jump on a thrread but do all TUI 787s have IFE fitted? We're flying to Antalya from LGW this summer and I've told the kids they will be able to watch a film, however I've been told the short haul aircraft don't have it fitted so I'm going to look like the worlds worst dad (again!):\

10th Jun 2018, 09:14
Yes, all the 787s have IFE