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24th Jul 2002, 22:32
Any one know what has happened to the Guild of Aviation Artists website. I could access it a week or so ago but now nothing ???

25th Jul 2002, 06:35
See the real thing instead at the Mall Gallery until this Saturday 27 July. Very good exhibition this year, and free entrance to.

Had I seen Concorde as I strolled through St James` Park the day would have been perfect, but alas that was not meant to be.

Last visited said website last thursday, and it had been revamped and included this years exhibition on line.


Who has control?
25th Jul 2002, 11:29
Have a look at Picture No 4 in the 2002 exhibition on-line.

25th Jul 2002, 18:55
Thanks Chaps it is back and I'm enjoying looking at they magic pictures.

Yes Yozzer it would be good to see them in person but sadly due to the seasonal nature of my work a visit to London is just not possible but maybe one year.

25th Jul 2002, 21:26
!)"Yes Yozzer it would be good to see them in person but sadly due to the seasonal nature of my work a visit to London is just not possible but maybe one year."

There is a follow on Av Art Exhibition going to take place at the Midland Air Museum @ Coventry Airport very shortly 19 - 31 August 2002.

To be opened by Alex Henshaw (Spitfire test pilot) at 2pm. Should make a visit easier for a lot of people (I had to pay over 50 in parking fees for 2 days in London


26th Jul 2002, 18:51
So sorry, but when advertising is involved on a commercial basis on PPRuNe we have a rule which says it has to be classed as out of bounds.

What I am doing here is removing the links to the commercial site, the rest can be discussed without worry. But please, no more mutton dressed up as lamb.

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26th Jul 2002, 22:39
As I provided the link, I feel complled to respond:

Whilst respecting that the forum was initiated and is policed by Camelpilot, I feel that this is extremely over zelous action. A genuine enquiry initiated this thread by somebody unknown to myself. Yes paintings are for sale, but for every one sold, thousands attend and admire the work of several hundred artists.

As has also been mentioned above, many hundreds if not more would like to attend but are unable to for a variety of reasons.

The Guild have gone to great lengths, and considerable time to make sure that everybody with internet access is able to view the work. A commendable achievement.

The link was no more commercial than a link to the Farnborough airshow site, or indeed the BAC1-11 last flight which appeared on this forum a few months ago.

Anybody with the slightest cyber interest will be able to access the site, but is it not so much simpler to click a link provided for that very purpose.

I like to feel that I have contributed to this site, but with a hostile environment such as this I fly off to friendlier airspace. Good bye my friends and safe flying.

27th Jul 2002, 06:37

It is a pity you miss the point of moderating. The term has many meanings none of which is policing as far as I know.

However, had I removed all references to the Guild it would have been a bit much. In the event anyone can find the site for themselves, as they can with every link that is removed under the rules of PPRuNe. What we don't allow is actual links to sites that make money out of using PPRuNe to sell their wares.

Hope that makes the point clearer for you.

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Spot 4
7th Aug 2002, 11:32
Having eventually finding the link, I have to agree with Yozzer regarding the forum police.

The link was to a general website not an advertisement and the picture on page 4 mentioned was Plt Off Prune and his creator, quite appropriate information for everybody here I think. Anyone able to shed any more light on the Corporal responsible for Prunes creation.

Camel Pilot; Your "Mutton dressed as lamb" was not the best choice of words, and probably unfairly placed. I not that Yozzer started the Glider Pilot thread which in turn led to the very popular Sedbergh thread. He sounds like someone who should be welcome here, not driven away with petty comments.

S`pose like most single seat jocks, an apology is beyond you.

Looking forward to attending the Coventry Art exhibition in the coming weeks, would welcome a review if anyone else gets there first.

7th Aug 2002, 13:05
I would respectfully suggest that you re-read what I said. I am sorry if you feel that my remarks were unworthy. I can easily apologise for the mutton remark if it offends - but no offence was intended.

However, I stand by them. For the reasons I gave. The policy on PPRuNe is that if a site, any site, offers items for sale it is removed. In this case I only removed the link. To find the link oneself is not beyond imagination and therefore easy. That way I take one without the other. It did leave a 'finger' pointing to the other to make in even easier.

BTW, I am not a fighter jock. I flew WWI replica fighters but my 'other' life has been most interesting.

And...........a review of the exhibition will be welcome.

Spot 4
24th Aug 2002, 08:11
The Art Exhibition presently at the Midland Air Museum (MAM) includes many works that I had seen at London, with a lot of new material from the likes of Mark Postelthwaite.

Although I was very impressed on the day by the standard and number of works on show, what really impresses me is that the Midland Air museum, despite being under funded and without much in the way of hangar space, is looking after its aircraft in a big way.

On arrival, the mighty Vulcan peers over the boundary fence exhibiting a fresh coat of paint and looking superb. (It is not completely repainted yet, but they are getting there).

The Art Exhibition is in the small hangar at the bottom of the display area, so the Mig 21 is outside until the Exhibition ends at the end of August.

In summary, Highly recomended, especially if you have not seen the MAM collection in a while.

Camel Pilot said on a previous note:

"BTW, I am not a fighter jock. I flew WWI replica fighters but my 'other' life has been most interesting."

Curiosity is homing in on the bait, so come on, blow your own trumpet! I think your "details" say you are retired, which in my book says your professional life was very much in the best time period if not the best place as well.

I am envious of a good friend of mine who left the RAF 7 years ago after a lifetime operating some very smart aeroplanes across the world when we had an Air "FORCE".