View Full Version : Picture of the day lost?

26th May 2018, 09:32
One of my favourites is Picture of the Day, with pictures of Blackbushe airport. Suddenly it is gone from my list of favourites.
Has something happened, or did I do something wrong?

27th May 2018, 16:09
Try the following link...

Login Required | Blackbushe Airport - The one-stop Forum (http://blackbusheairport.proboards.com/)

..then select 'Register' and answer the questions and away you go!

27th May 2018, 17:16
It's still available the most recent posting being this morning, however the 'owner' reported a couple of days ago that he was having trouble 'importing' his photos to imgur having originally stored them on photobucket who as we all know are demanding money for their use.

28th May 2018, 03:12
If heaps of people keep using free accounts at photograph-hosting sites, the same thing will happen to them as happened to Photobucket.

Advertising doesn't cover all the costs of sites like that, and there is no such thing as a free lunch long-term.

If you freeload, then sometimes the consequences will eventually bite you.

28th May 2018, 07:40
Thanks, it worked fine, I am back to nostalgia once more!