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19th May 2018, 19:29
Daft question here, but why is it everytime I've flown Ryanair, i get a bad sinus headache and feel really lethargic?

Never had it on the larger jets (747/777/Airbus bigones), never had an issue with Easyjet, Jet2, TUI, or Wizz.

But it's every single time with ryanair. Do they do something different with the cabin pressure? My wife thought i was going mad untilwe flew back ryanair today, and agreed she had the same sinus pains.

20th May 2018, 15:07
Welcome to the PPRuNe Cabin Confusedpax. There will be many folks along to help answer this.

20th May 2018, 17:00
Having flown Ryanair through necessity a great deal over the past few years, I have no specific axe to grind except to share that I automatically go down with 'Ryanitis' within 24 hours ... bunged up nose, sinuses working overtime and a sore throat ...

All things will pass .... eventually!

20th May 2018, 19:00
You can pay extra to sit in a pressurised seat. :O

20th May 2018, 21:54
I can’t think of any reason why this would be the case. Modern pressurization systems are fully automatic and normally don’t require any user input aside from setting the landing altitude prior to take off.

Do you always fly Ryanair from a particular place? Maybe you get mild allergies that start to present themselves once you’re in flight. I used to get terrible sinus headaches flying out of Adelaide because Adelaide gave me bad hay fever.

21st May 2018, 04:33
They definitely don't as said above the pressurisation system is automatic and does its thing. There maybe time when technical issue requires the crew to go "manual" but its not common.

It more likely to be the number of cycles the aircraft do and the amount of pax and the number of cleaning cycles. Although to be honest I can't see that being that much different to any other loco.

What it might be is the flight profiles are shall we say more aggressive ie they climb rapidly and they decend rapidly the auto systems may have two or more depressurisation schedules depending on the rate of decent ie decend at 2000ft/min and you get 500ft/min 3000ft/min plus and its 750 per/min (I have no clue real numbers for that type)
Also what sometimes happens with high rates of continuous decent is the planes catches up with the cabin ie the cabin becomes less pressurised than the outside air. When this happens a safety valve opens because the plane is designed to be under pressure on the inside and negative pressure would result in the tube collapsing. When this happens the cabin will descend at the rate the aircraft is descending which may be over 1000ft/min which does cause discomfort.

The next thing it could be.. you can read the huge toxic cabin air thread to find out about leaking oil seals and what that's all about. or google aircraft organophosphate poisoning.

I am 99% sure its nothing to do with the cabin pressure per say.

As I personally never fly with Ryanair I really can't give comment from personal experience.

21st May 2018, 11:32
The system used is standard, the method of use is standard, the profiles flown are conservative due to the cost index in use, any high rates of climb or descent are ATC induced/required. The terminals you fly from and the folk you sit next to are the variable factor.

21st May 2018, 12:00
It could be an allergy to something on board Ryanair planes? I realise the materials are pretty standard across the board, but there could be one small thing that sets this off? A material used that differs to other carriers? Crew Uniforms? Something for sale on board? Like someone else suggested, is it always on a certain route? Perhaps there is something in the airport at either end? Is there something you do differently when you fly Ryanair? For example, do you take a different carry on bag or buy food to take on board from somewhere?

I have flown Ryanair dozens of times (last flight was a few days ago), some long and some short sectors and can't say I've noticed feeling any different to flying with any other carrier.

21st May 2018, 20:14
What cleaning chemicals are being used in the aircraft cabin?

30th May 2018, 20:26
I knew someone when I was young who always got really bad ear ache and nosebleeds when she flew on a DC-9. Since her family flew a lot GLA-LHR and on to the Middle East they eventually had to stop flying British Midland until they phased out that aircraft type! Can you remember when you flew with the other airlines you mentioned, specifically Jet 2 and Tui, what type of aircraft you flew on? Just really clutching at straws because it is nothing I have ever experienced.

3rd Jun 2018, 15:24
Daft question here, but why is it everytime I've flown Ryanair, i get a bad sinus headache
That would be the constant bombardment by very loud PA announcements to wear you down and beat you into submission to hand over your cash to them.

Depending on their success rate, they'll try to deafen you further with a badly recorded fanfare blasted out at you after landing to complete the job.
It could be an allergy to something on board Ryanair planes
Ah! that widens the field - many have a distinct allergy simply to being onboard a Ryanair plane!