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18th May 2018, 13:15
From The Australian newspaper.

Alan Jones has defended writing to Qantas chief Alan Joyce and using the word “bribe” to describe the airline’s decision to fly to Toowoomba’s Wellcamp Airport, whose owners are suing the broadcaster for defamation.

During his second day of cross-examination in the Supreme Court in Brisbane, Jones said emailed correspondence to Mr Joyce in September 2014 had come after his “surprise” that Qantas had agreed to fly to Wellcamp, which had been built by the Wagner brothers’ family company.

Jones told the court he had spoken to Mr Joyce several times about his concerns about the airport and airspace near a Defence facility being used to service it, and felt the Qantas chief executive “agreed” with those concerns.

He was asked by Tom Blackburn SC, for the four Wagner brothers who launched the defamation suit, about him accusing the plaintiffs of “bribing” the airline in one of the emails to Mr Joyce.

“Well, I think I used that word because I noted in his letter of 9.38am that he had agreed to fly in because the offer is ‘commercially very attractive’ and ‘our competitor would have taken it provided the opportunity’,” Jones said, referring to the emails.

“Now when I saw that I thought, isn’t this an orthodox commercial deal? And it was commercially attractive — some inducement has been given for Qantas to fly in.

“I think that conclusion that I drew was perfectly legitimate.”

Asked if he equated Mr Joyce’s comments with “bribery”, Jones (https://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/media/alan-jones-accused-wagner-family-of-bribery-in-letter-to-alan-joyce/news-story/ed6323be59e96832029933c704704da3)said: “Well, I don’t know what word you’d use.”

“If you were wanting someone to fly in, you make a commercially attractive agreement to get them to fly in,” Jones said. “So what word would you use? An inducement? A bribe? I don’t know.

“Would they have flown in if they had to meet orthodox commercial requirements?”

Jones also repeatedly said he did not hate the Wagners.


I particularly liked Mr Jones’ ‘Would they have flown in if they had to meet orthodox commercial requirements?’ That’s a Pandora’s box if ever I saw one!

Rated De
19th May 2018, 03:28
What is also of note, given the Little Napoleon's penchant to behave as a vexatious litigant then the absence of any other suit would suggest (ipso facto) that the commercial terms may have included an 'incentive'

19th May 2018, 05:19
I could name several where start up deals were and are in force. I'd be surprised if many airlines, particularly regionals, were paying the 'published charges'. Free enterprise with a bit of provision of service thrown in. Nothing to see here.

19th May 2018, 05:23
What is also of note, given the Little Napoleon's penchant to behave as a vexatious litigant then the absence of any other suit would suggest (ipso facto) suggestive that the commercial terms may have included an 'incentive'

The irony of Joyce's name and anything related to corruption piqued my interest immediately.

19th May 2018, 05:37
Compare Wellcamp issue to recently announced intention for QF to drop airfares PER - BME with the aid of an incentive from WA state government.
Is there a difference? I can't see one.

19th May 2018, 12:17
Wagners built Brisbane West Wellcamp in about 18 months when the Government said it couldnt be done. Badgerys Creek is 30 years in the making and still NOTHING to show for it.
Good on the Wagners for showing some gumption and getting shit done! FU*K Alan Jones and the Federal Government, both are a bunch of useless [email protected]$.

19th May 2018, 12:57
You didn’t mention the right (wrong!) Alan in that list??

19th May 2018, 13:13
Which team do the Wagners bat for, a publicity stunt perhaps? Otherwise it sounds like your typical pinko spat...

Global Aviator
20th May 2018, 00:05
Wagner’s remind me of Asia and getting things done. Despite the hurdles they faced and the non believers there’s an airport.

Would have thought a shoe in for the Sydney airport.

Concessions... hmmm wonder if Broome airport or regional government is assisting Silk Air with enticements?

On Wellcamp what are the airport chargers and parking like compared to our main airports?

20th May 2018, 01:11
If anyone should be familiar with corporate bribery then it would be Alan Jones. Need I remind anyone of his involvement in the cash-for-comments scandal. The bloke was found to have been accepting huge side payments from companies like Optus, Telstra and Qantas to actively promote (and suppress criticism) of their brands on air without disclosing the commercial arrangement to the listeners.

How the worm turns! Here's what Jones told his 2UE listeners about Qanats's 1998 full year results back in February 1999;

Yes a terrific result I said by Qantas. 34 per cent jump. Gary Pemberton, the manager and James Strong were quick to warn that any move by Canberra to deregulate the industry, I spoke about that yesterday, would have a significant impact on regional Australia...I mean this is a fantastic result. Well done. A well run airline Qantas.

Of course, what no one knew at the time was that Jones was being paid to say that ... and he was being paid by Qantas to talk down industry deregulation. That's what a bribe looks like. Apart from anything else, the target of a bribe must be an individual, like Jones. You can't bribe a company, like Qantas. Offering discounts on fees and charges or other commercial incentives to promote business is not bribery and it is not illegal unless it involves an abuse of market power, something that the Wagners were clearly incapable of given the size of their airport.