View Full Version : Qantas deal for regional WA passengers.

18th May 2018, 08:41
http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-01/qantas-seeks-to-ease-pain-for-regional-wa-passengers/8864114 (https://www.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/qantas-drops-cost-of-flights-from-perth-to-broome-to-boost-tourism-20180518-p4zg2b.html)


A few questions arise from this good news.

What has the WA government given in return. Perhaps $14 million for CIQ at the QF terminal?

Was Virgin offered the same deal?

Will it pass the competition rules?

18th May 2018, 09:14
So what's the deal? How much are the WA Govt tipping in to subsidise the fares? Or as suggested above, is this part of the payback for the CIQ at the QF terminal? He intimates he will be making room for Air North and Virgin at the trough.

18th May 2018, 09:45
Why would it need competition approval ? I think they would have better to put some JQ flights in there. $200 each way isnít exactly cheap when you factor in how pricey everything else is (and the fact Broome is an over-rated dump)

18th May 2018, 10:52
Why would it need competition approval ? I didn't say it needed "competition approval" I asked if it would pass the competition rules.

Imagine the State government were aghast at the cost of lobster in the shops and decided to team up with Coles to reduce the cost of lobster to say $12 a kilogram for a one year trial. You know to keep the great unwashed happy and stimulate the market. Do you think Woolworths, IGA, Kailis Bros etc might have something to say about that? Do you think the competition watch puppy may have a look? I don't know. I am just asking the question.

18th May 2018, 12:40
I've heard that the Karatha council have ponied up with some big bucks for JetGo services to/from there too...

Nothing new as various governments have offered incentives for businesses to relate or stay in their state of town....

18th May 2018, 15:01
Nothing new so long as all service providers were given an opportunity to supply.