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17th May 2018, 04:26
I'm 30 years old, work full-time and late last year, I started a course at SOAR, Moorabbin, training on the Bristells.

I've got a good two years or so left to get to where I want, as I am doing it part-time, with partial VET-FEE assistance. I am however curious as to where you'd normally find the listing for jobs the entry level pilots would be after i.e. bush pilots etc.. Are there any specialised aviation job boards etc. for AUS and Oceanic, or potentially even globally? (I've been looking at Aus Fed of Pilots and PPRuNe mostly)

Is being an instructor the only viable first step into an aviation career and what are the disadvantages of being one?

Also, any opinions on how a CPL pilot who trained on Bristells would be looked at by an employer, against someone who trains on more typical trainers such as Cessnas?

I was told I'd have better luck on this sub forum rather than the wannabe thread I initially posted.

Thanks for the advice. Good day to all.

17th May 2018, 06:05
The AFAP website has a good goto jobs page that list plenty of opportunities.

NWS Inop
17th May 2018, 06:18
Hi septerra,

The best place to start looking for entry level jobs in Australia would be the Australian Federation of Air Pilots web site. They are a union for pilots in G.A. and some regional airlines, but they advertise jobs from instructing/GA through to airline flying mostly in Aus and NZ and sometimes further afield. You could also check out Pilot Career Centre and Pinstripe solutions, but you'll most likely find these sites aimed at airline ready candidates.

If you decide to take the instructing path, ensure it is something that you are passionate about doing rather than just building hours for an airline gig. We all need to like what we do in order to be good at it as well as to be able to impart the necessary knowledge onto the students. The advantage of instructing is you would most likely be able to get a job in a capital city or large regional centre as opposed to going to the middle of nowhere. There are a lot of fun and "character building" hours to be had outback though...

Best of luck with it all!

Left 270
17th May 2018, 06:57
There’s a thread on here called “information regarding the top end” or close enough to that, that’s a good starting point to answer your questions. In regards to finding work, unfortunately it’s feet on the ground to find who’s hiring and in person to apply for all the lower end jobs. But you will get to visit exotic out back places like Katherine, Kununurra, Halls creek so it’s a wonderful journey ;).

17th May 2018, 12:11
I'm not upto speed with the first job scene but words of advice I would give my younger self....

What you trained in wont matter one bit as along as you have the appropriate licences (some time on the operators type would be useful though not essential), make friends with your fellow students as there is a good possibility your first lead will come via them, dont give up on the search. The only people I remember who completed part time training and never got into a flying job made the mistake of returning to thier day job. They never came back.

19th May 2018, 02:20
A very sincere thank you to you guys. I'm grateful for the pointers. I expected ridicule and discouragement, just like everywhere else, but these forums are the first time I've had some positive feedback.

Appreciate it.

19th May 2018, 05:49
most of us here have done it all mate... feel free to pm...