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13th May 2018, 09:46
I had wondered why I hadn't heard from Steve for quite some time, so I ran some net searches to see what he might be up to.

Regrettably, my searches were successful, although not in the sense that I had presumed.

A physical giant of a man with a grin and personable nature fit to charm any dinner gathering as a number of our PPRuNe folk can attest.


A sad JT this evening.

Capn Bloggs
13th May 2018, 10:31
That is sad news. I knew Steve when he was at Broome. He was a great bloke, very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. We had a few chuckles when arguing about how rough his runway was!


13th May 2018, 10:57
Sounds like a great chap,sad to see a man of that caliber go so early!
Inspirational to see his accomplishments and thanks for the link,
His work lives on.
Cpt B

Pugilistic Animus
19th May 2018, 23:33
I have always enjoyed his posts about a rare field of engineering RIP

19th May 2018, 23:46
I knew a Steve Emery. He was once in the RAAF and then CASA. Is that the same fellow? The huge grin and humour fit.


20th May 2018, 05:55
Steve was with CASA's antecedent organisation, DOT-ATG, during the late 70s - don't recall any direct military connection, though.

20th May 2018, 06:09
I had the pleasure of meeting him in your company JT, sad to see his passing at such an early age. RIP

20th May 2018, 07:54
.. and a pleasant evening it was at Zagames. You've been notable by your absence in the Tech Log sandpit .. one trusts that life and flying is treating you well.

20th May 2018, 09:42
Still not clear if this Steve Emery is the guy I know well. He certainly worked with CASA and had the nickname which was a play on the famous comedian Dick Emery. Please don't edit this but his nickname was Dickless as in "Not" Dick Emery. Please let me know if that is he guy. I will be devastated.

Need to know


20th May 2018, 10:11
His impressive CV https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/90fcdc_965130a7a9d147afa661322da85d913b.pdf certainly will take away any doubts whether your paths have crossed.

20th May 2018, 10:58

Thanks for the link. The Steve Emery I knew was not an asphalt guy. He was a structures engineer. If anyone know where D*ckless is, please get him to contact me.

Hope he is still with us.

RIP the other Steve Emery.


16th Sep 2019, 14:19

You wouldn't be thinking of Steve Swift ? I met him a couple of times on courses. He knew his stuff and was one of the more competent engineers in his field I've known. Spent almost a lifetime with CASA (and it's predecessors) and had some involvement in NDT methods. Probably where you may have crossed paths ?

16th Sep 2019, 22:27
Steve Swift

Most assuredly, a fine chap.

17th Sep 2019, 01:53
"Do not 'out' (reveal or attempt to reveal) the identity of another poster."

(PPRuNe rules...a member mortality exception?)

17th Sep 2019, 22:17
"Do not 'out' (reveal or attempt to reveal) the identity of another poster."

If you review a few of Steve's posts, you will see that he provided numerous clues as to his ID. Indeed, he was quite open about the matter. When I first took an interest in his posts, it was child's play to transfer his open clues to a very easy Google identification.

In any case, for such folk with the likes of his impressive background and tremendous assistance to PPRuNe discussions, I don't really think that there would be any real concern with acknowledging him in retrospect ?

However, for those who remain quick, we do not want to see identification unless the individual concerned initiates it ...

18th Sep 2019, 07:40
Sorry to hear of Steve's passing.

On a few occasions over the last 15 years, I had contacted him on performance quieres via PM and he was always of great assistance and a fountain of knowledge - and very freely giving assistance.