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11th May 2018, 19:05
bunch of interesting new taxes got snuck in late.....

Mr Morrison’s third Budget also pledged $2.9 million to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for this year to increase the safety supervision of the use of drones in Australia.
The cash splash will be used to increase safety standards and compliance measures for people looking to use drone technologies, whether it be for recreation or for a commercial use.
$2.9 million for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority could see Australian drone users face the possibility of higher licence costs and restricted flight zones. Picture: Getty. In short, that means that Australians who look to abide by the rules set by the safety body could soon face stricter regulations in order to fly drones.
That could come in the form of appropriate licences becoming more expensive, or through the tightening of areas in which drones can actually be flown.


Buster Hyman
12th May 2018, 16:19
Probably just drive the licensed operators into the sub rule to avoid the costs associated with being compliant. Besides, locals coming out & accusing you of taking pictures of their house is a bigger risk than CASA doing anything.

Dick Smith
12th May 2018, 23:28
But nothing in the budget to assist with pilot or LAME training.

Then again we can get them from overseas.

12th May 2018, 23:49
You’ve been living under a rock, Dick! Mechanical things fix themselves these days - everyone knows that!

13th May 2018, 02:21
I read an article the other day that said CASA wants to register drones in Australia the same way the FAA does in the USA. Those recalcitrant owners who wish to fly illegally will still do so.

Mr Approach
13th May 2018, 09:14
Europe and US are well under way with preparations - see link below for details:

13th May 2018, 23:13
Those recalcitrant owners who wish to fly illegally will still do so.

same as gun owners...

I recently had a case in front of my house in the 'burbs where a BMW pulls up, Asian type person pulls out a rather large white drone; launches it and drives off. Drone last seen climbing well above the houses and tall trees heading West!

14th May 2018, 00:56
$2.9M to CASA for drone safety[/b]]

While I believe drone safety needs to be addressed, I hope it's not the only thing receiving additional attention in the budget. FRMS, pilot training, airlines wagging the safety dog, crappy ATC etc, etc,etc...all need a big tart up ASAP!

14th May 2018, 23:19
Drone safety is popular news, pilot training is not...