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9th May 2018, 08:43
Hi, I was wondering if anyone has the usual words of wisdom.
I have been asked by a private owner if he can complete his night flying course using his own cessna 172 aircraft (easa/ G-reg) ?
Thank you for any help.

9th May 2018, 11:46
Not a problem so long as the RF/ATO agree. Remember all training for a licence or rating must be conducted at such an organisation and not randomly by a freelance FI.

9th May 2018, 11:57
Slightly different tack. Is it possible for owner of Irish reg annex 2 aircraft (pup) use it for ab-initio instruction in UK?

9th May 2018, 18:43
... randomly by a freelance FI.

Are independant FIs random?

9th May 2018, 20:21
Annecdotal hogwash my friend! I am not sure we should be generalising but I guess it is the internet!

10th May 2018, 12:34
It is an EASA requirement that all flight training must take place within an ATO except for some of the CBIR, which then has to be validated by further training at an ATO, and, until the next amendment to Part-FCL, differences training. The IMC rating, is not an EASA qualification and so is not subject to the requirement.

Whopity's essential point is correct - training for the night rating may not be done out with an ATO.

10th May 2018, 14:01
However, training for revalidation of a rating (which is voluntary) may be undertaken outside an RF/ATO/DTO by a freelance FI.

10th May 2018, 14:41
and let's not forget that said owners private plane must also be properly equipped

10th May 2018, 15:55
...and maintained under Part-145 or Part-M, Subpart F if it is being used by a commercial ATO (whatever that is).

10th May 2018, 16:31
Whopity's essential point is correct - training for the [EASA] night rating may not be done out with an ATO.

I agree with that statement it is a fact. It was the further extension to that which I disagreed with. It is worth having a CRI and an FI(A) in order to increase my flexibility to train inside an RF/ATO (for which I am HoT) and outside an RF/ATO.

I conduct quite a bit of training preparing IMC/IR(R) holders for their CB-IR ATO training which is not done under an ATO at all and it works out far more cost effective to prepare for the ATO CB-IR training. Out of the 20 or so pilots (a small cohort I appreciate) all have been better off for preparing for the ATO phase of their IR training via the CB-IR training route.

10th May 2018, 21:31
Private aircraft make sure all lights work and that it hasn't got one of those crappy LED landing lights.
Also private aircraft may not have the best windshield to see through.

11th May 2018, 07:51
At least for PA28s, there's an approved halogen replacement under 30 that gives great illumination. One of our aircraft has had one for 3 years, still going strong.