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1st May 2018, 19:18
I have a new issue EASA licence which is free of entries at this time. I have the old FCL 150CJAR form, the last stamp/signature was valid until April 2013.
My medical is current until July 18. what do i need to get my SEP back again please. many thanks

1st May 2018, 20:13
Training as required to pass an LPC. A course completion certification and the lot off to the CAA on successful pass of the LPC for a new licence to be issued. Your examiner can issue an SRG1100 to get you flying while you wait for the licence to come back with the rating printed on it.

1st May 2018, 21:40
It would appear that you have paid for a new licence with no ratings in it. Unfortunately, you will now have to pay again to have the rating added. The moral of the story is to get all ratings up to date before applying for the new licence!

memories of px
2nd May 2018, 06:49
The examiner cant put the initial entry into your licence, youre technically adding a rating,i think you'll need forms SRG 1107, SRG 1157 and SRG 1199 and the price has recently gone up, so check the most recent scheme of charges

3rd May 2018, 08:23
thanks bose-x and whoppity for the advice guys , the best place to come to .

memories of px
3rd May 2018, 20:43
and the application form should be 1119C not 1119A