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30th Apr 2018, 07:41
Every year in September, the "Friends of the Comet Line" organise a long weekend - the highlight of which is the re-tracing (on foot!) of one of the actual wartime routes taken by Comète guides (aka smugglers) and evading Allied aircrew in crossing the Pyrenees into Spain.
The dates for 2018 are 14th, 15th & 16th September. (unfortunate clash with BoB dates I know)
The walk should be well within the capabilities of even relapsed aircrew (!). We do in 2 days what the evaders did in one night.. plus they had to contend with German patrols and trigger happy border sentries from La Guardia Civil in Spain.
For more info (in French and English), see here (http://cometepaysbasque.********.fr/2018/04/28-le-weekend-de-commemoration-du.html).

India Four Two
30th Apr 2018, 08:09
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30th Apr 2018, 08:20
Thanks for that IFT..:ok:

Chris Scott
5th May 2018, 16:53
Anyone contemplating going can look forward to walking and socialising with a group of people the like of which you are unlikely to meet elsewhere. They come in all ages and include Basques, Belgians, British, French, Irish and Spanish, as well as other Europeans and Americans, Antipodals, Canadians and others. Many are related either to the passeurs, Comet operatives, or their customers. Various tales are recounted on the way. Special fitness or climbing ability not required, but catholic tastes in food and drink are a bonus.

N/S accommodation needs to be reserved in good time, as September is a favourite time of the year for hikers and other tourists in the region.

5th May 2018, 21:18
Thanks Chris - I always think 3 days aren't enough to listen to all the stories. It's a very special weekend.
During the second week of June I'll be welcoming the extended family of 2nd Lt Lloyd Stanford, a USAAF B17 bombardier who evaded successfully. He was lucky to survive a night crossing of the river Bidassoa in flood on 23 Dec '43 that tragically took the lives of two of those involved. He hadn't spoken of his evasion and his daughter stumbled across our web site and read the full story for the first time. She's bringing 3 generations of the family over! It's bound to be a very emotional occasion.
We'll give them a taste of what their father went through - including the river crossing..! The Spanish will hold their fire this time though.